Ordering Process

Order Process


To avoid errors, please print legibly or type and fax your order to us at (353) 98 66171.

Please take care preparing your purchase orders to avoid errors in communication. We are happy to assist you should you have any questions. To process your order, we need the following information:

Ordering Standard Product

  1. Complete Purchase order (PO number, ship date, ship to address and ship mode)
  2. Shipping address (if product is not being shipped to your company)
  3. Item quantity, item product codes, and item descriptions including fabric selection and color when applicable
  4. Requested shipping company
  5. Requested ship date
  6. Delivery date
  7. Lead number (if the sale closes a Nomadic-generated lead)
  8. Salesperson identification number

Ordering Solutions Quote

  1. Complete Purchase order (PO number, ship date, ship to address and ship mode)
  2. Solutions Quote (the version of the quote must match w/ the drawings provided by Solutions)
  3. Your order forms, to include tension fabric, if applicable
  4. Drawing or sketch with surface treatment (laminates) clearly identified for all surfaces and placement of all grommet holes, if not standard.
  5. Complete tension fabric order form, if applicable
  6. Completed custom monitor location form, if applicable.
  7. Requested shipping cases
  8. Lead number (if the sale closes a Nomadic-generated lead)
  9. Sales person identification number
  10. End-User’s zip code
  11. Special instructions for job

For orders including internal accessories such as ShowCases or light boxes and for all custom special requests, please include a design sketch for our reference in cross checking your order..


You will receive an order acknowledgement by e-mail or fax within two business days following your order placement. Match the sales order confirmation to your purchase order reviewing it carefully.

Freight charges will not appear on the sales order confirmation. Every item must be reviewed and confirmed. This is the only means we have of ensuring that the display that is being produced meets your specifications. Items like codes, finishes, quantities, ship date, ship mode, etc. must all be carefully reviewed and scrutinized to ensure an order is accurate. Please use the supplied check list to review your confirmation form.

If any discrepancies are found please phone or fax the Customer Service Department immediately. If you do not receive a confirmation, call us as we may not have received your fax transmission.


When you need to change an order, mark the change to the appropriate page of the order, fax it to the Customer Service Team with a cover sheet with “REVISED” written across the top. You have 48 hours from receipt of your confirmation to make revisions to your order. Orders changed after that time frame may incur additional charges or extend ship dates depending upon the type(s) of change(s) requested. We will fax you a revised confirmation on the following business day.


Phone the Customer Service Department if you need to cancel an order in Production. We will do our best to assist, but in some cases it may be too late for cancellation. Cancelled orders may be subject to a 15% restocking charge.